Parts of a River Materials – Alison’s Montessori

Geology, Geography 6-9+

Lately, we have been working steadly on geology (rock cycle, stellar nucleosynthesis, layers of the ocean…), and physical geography using mostly classified nomenclature cards. My newly upper elementary learner is an avid reader, who enjoys reading aloud her advanced materials. On the other hand, my lower elementary learner (now 7) needed something more tangible to follow along. You see, he is a geography lover so he can’t help but wanting to know more! (picture below, his directress gifted him this map).

Fortunately, Alison’s Montessori has recently made a series of colorful wooden puzzles of several geography features. They are perfect for studying different features necessary to understand cycles of life, and the work of nature (wind, water, waves).

Let me share more details on the Part of a River puzzle. The big parts of a river have been made separable so the learner can break the knowledge down a bit (body of water, geologic layers, plains, mountains).

Then we have wooden labels to be used with or without a control chart. The pieces fit well, feel good, and the edges are raised higher than the edges of the border. We can get the pieces in and out easily.

Matching parts to the control chart

The parts of a river puzzle includes:

  • River
  • Tributaries
  • Lake
  • Confluence
  • Oxbow Lake
  • Salt Marsh
  • Rapids
  • Floodplains
  • Rain and Snow
  • Source Zone
  • Waterfalls
  • Delta
  • Ocean
  • Glacier

If you are interested by the classified nomenclature cards, they come with a booklet, and 6-part cards (pictures, descriptions, labels). This offers different challenges for your learners of different ages. A younger lower elementary can also read the vocabulary, which is scientifically accurate, and accessible to readers in the making.

Parts of a River Booklet

The materials presented are:

18 pages of classified Nomenclature cards

More puzzles and nomenclature cards are available. Stay tuned for Parts of a Volcano, Parts of a Mountain, and Layers of the Ocean.

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