Layers of the Ocean – Alison’s Montessori

Geography 6-9, 9-12

Last year, we finished learning about ecology through all sort of layers (forest, soil, atmosphere, ocean), decomposers, and Earth cycles. In primary level, children learned the basic terms for oceans layers (sunlight/twilight/midnight zone…). In elementary level, they learned the scientific terms (epipelagic/mesopelagic/bathypelagic zone…). With the Layers of the Ocean puzzle and the Layers of the Ocean research cards, I was able to respark interest in my newly upper elementary learner, who enjoyed very much the aesthetic puzzle and research cards, while my younger lower elementary learner can begin to grow interest in learning more about the ocean.

The wooden puzzle is absolutely delightful. The pieces fit well, the ridge makes it easy to lift pieces, the colors and details are impeccable. This is especially great for first time learners and reviewing.

Puzzle with labels and control chart

The Layers of the Ocean research cards exceeded my expectations. They really engaged my learner who immediately saw the classification pattern. We laid the research cards based on each layer. A description card comes with each layer containing valuable information. For instance, it tells the distance between each layer in meter, the amount of population found in it in percentage, and also a brief description of the kind of living things found and certain processes that take place.

Parts of the Ocean – Alison’s Montessori
Bathypelagic zone research card

We happened to go to Cape Coral in Florida where my child found a huge brain coral, which she then found in the set of research cards. She immediately chose to work on the bathypelagic zone, and wrote about it in her journal.

She found a huge brain coral, and only took a piece

I hope this post will have provided you enough visuals to appreciate the functionality of these two materials combined. You will have to be creative to present the materials! Make sure to visit my posts on: Parts of a Volcano, Parts of a River, and Parts of a Mountain.


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