Parts of Fold Mountains – Alison’s Montessori

Geology 6-12

I couldn’t resist getting this fourth geography puzzle from Alison’s Montessori. Quite frankly, they are all beautiful and tempting. For the children, parts of fold mountains is more advanced than what we have learned so far. We learned about the folds by using different layers of fabric napkins, and observing what occured when we compressed the extremities together.

I am hoping the Parts of Fold Mountains puzzle will teach us more about the crust movements and the effects. As for the other puzzles, it comes with a range of materials to strengthen the learner’s knowledge.

Parts of Fold Mountains – Alison’s Montessori

You can get the puzzle only, or the nomenclature cards only, or you can get a bundle. The Classified Nomenclature Cards cover the following parts:

  • Fold mountains
  • Monocline
  • Anticline
  • Syncline
  • Simple fold
  • Over fold
  • Overthrust fold
  • Asymmetrical fold
  • Recumbent fold
  • Fault plane

The materials consists of :

  • a chart
  • a master
  • a booklet
  • 10 cards for descriptions/labels/pictures (= 40 cards)
  • 10 cards for matching descriptions and pictures cards (= 20 cards)

Depending on the child, the descriptions are at the reach of a young lower elementary learner. The cloze-texted description cards will add a challenge to an older learner. The master copy can be colored, cut, and pasted on a poster with a description of different parts.

Blackline Diagram, to color and label, or more?

The quality of the materials is highly satisfying. The paint of the puzzle looks glossy and textured. The pieces are sharp, as all Montessori materials, so make sure to remind your users to not press on the pieces to fit them. They should fit well with patience and precision. As for the Classified Nomenclature cards, they are printed on large cards, which I appreciate. However, they won’t fit your average 3-part cards trays. I used a plastic holder with several slots, but you may want to find pouches for your cards. You can also hole punch them, and add a ring.

Make sure to check out the posts on Alison’s Montessori new puzzles: Parts of a Volcano, Parts of a River, and Layers of the Ocean. I hope this post was helpful to you!

Our way to store the materials

Ready for a lesson?


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