Matter and Energy, In-Print

Chemistry 6-9+

By the time learners reach the second plane of development, they should already be equipped with basic knowledge on matter and energy.

Our mission as facilitators is to instill passion, inspire, present lessons, but most importantly, offer opportunities for children to take ownership of their learning. The set from In-Print, “Matter and Energy,” is a set of cards that provides 6 different works that children can study independently. Each work comes with a review/definition on top, columns for beginning the work of classification, and a control chart.

The set “Matter and Energy” contains:

  • Matter and Energy (matter vs. energy)
  • States of Matter (matter can change (into…), the change)
  • States of Matter (solids, liquids, gases)
  • Energy (potential vs. kinetic)
  • Energy We Use (energy source, Is it renewable?, why is it renewable or nonrenewable)
  • Heat Transfer (Conduction, Convection, Radiation)

The control charts are perfect for promoting autonomy. The sets offer some basic review work for entry-level learners, and also some challenging work for older learners (heat transfer, renewable energy), which requires more critical thinking. The children are repeatedly exposed to clear and concise definitions throughout their work (e.g. matter takes space, matter has a mass, matter can be weighed on earth). Ask a student if they can define matter. They might tell you they know matter, but it is not guaranteed they can define it with exactitude. This material ensures that the learners will have a strong foundation.

I highly recommend you invest on this supplemental material. It has definitely reinforced my children’s knowledge and confidence, and mine along the way!

How do you ensure that your learners are repeating and retaining some science knowledge?


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