What’s out there for studying elements?

How did you learn elements in your childhood? For me, it was more of a “here’s a chart to memorize, there will be a test.” This was in high school!

Chemistry shelf, autodidactic works

Therefore, in a Montessori spirit, I have accumulated materials that will spark interest and joy in learning what surrounds this mystic Periodic Table, and basic chemistry. These materials are used in parallel to our studies of physical geography, physics, cosmic education, and geology. Some are basic, and some more developed. They are mostly meant to be used independently to promote retention and to provide the child with a schema of scientific reasoning.

The materials on shelf are organized based the space available to us:

  • Parts of an atom (Basic, In-Print)
  • Parts of the atom, booklet + 3- part cards + chart (Research and Development)
  • Elements Isotopes Ions (Research and Development)
  • Elements #1-#10, booklet + 3- part cards + chart (Research and Development)
  • Elements #11-#20, booklet + 3- part cards + chart (Research and Development)
  • Atomic Number/Mass/Weight booklet + 3- part cards + chart (Research and Development)
  • Periodic Table, chart + mute chart (Research and Development)
  • Period Table work: “Who am I?” Set 1, 2, 3. (ETC Montessori)
  • Elements around us: cards, replicards (In- Print)
  • Matter and Energy: 6 workable charts + control of error (In- Print)
  • Elements Knowledge: 8 classification work, double-sided cards, replicards. (In-Print)
  • Classification of Matter: workable chart + cards (In-Print)
  • Chemistry 6-9 curriculum (ETC Montessori)
  • Bohr Board: to be used with corresponding packet on the Periodic Table (ETC Montessori)
  • Another Bohr atom model
  • Molecular kit + “Molecules” book by Theodore Gray. (Amazon)
  • The Elements – The Photographic card deck (Amazon)
  • Intro to Chemistry – coloring workbook (Amazon)

I will create a post in the science tab for each material to give you more details. You are going to need a lot of compartmentilized storage solutions as it is a lot of pieces as usual!

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.


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