Molecular Architectures

Chemistry – 9-12

You have taught parts of an atom. You have explored the periodic table. You have built atom structures on a Bohr Board. You have explored elements and compounds in real life. Now the children really need their hands on a 3D representation of their learning due to the level of abstraction of such lessons.

The materials I am presenting you are simple: a molecules kit combined with a gorgeous book on “Molecules” , and a set of simple molecules cards. The latter set comes with three-part cards, perfect for a Montessori environment.

I made this for modeling and inspiring perseverance!

Building molecules is not only for older children. I have seen the children using dexterity and concentration on a superior level. We extended our learning by reading together “Molecules” about different molecules for “sugar” (of course).

The Learning Ark

The set of molecules cards comes with 30 cards:

  • 11 simple molecules cards (2-3 atoms)
  • 13 molecules cards (5-10 atoms)
  • 6 complex molecules (fructose, vanillin, vitamin C, glycerol, etc…)

Finally, if your learners are still excited about molecules, you can find this memory game on Amazon. The molecules represented are from basic to extremely complex, so I can’t guarantee the learning outcome! However, children can be amazing.

Memory games “Molecules”

When did you introduce molecules? What recommendations do you have for our readers?


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