Land and Water Forms Cards, Alison’s Montessori

Geography, Geology 6-9

  • Children begin to learn about the Earth’s features in the primary level. Land and water forms are essential components in the Montessori curriculum. Each land or water form has a unique way to affect life on Earth. They will be encountered in almost every science area.
The selected images are visually appealing
  • At the primary level, an array of materials are used to arouse their child’s interest through sensorial and artistic works: landforms sandpaper cards, nomenclature cards, landforms trays, landforms cabinet, and projects such as dioramas, clay, and playdough representations.
  • At the elementary level, you will find that children are still interested in learning about land and water forms. Their vocabulary is expanded and sophisticated. They are ready to re-explore land and water forms in depth.
  • The Land and Water forms Wooden Cards have been a fabulous extension to years of learning about the topic. Quite frankly, as much as my child studied landforms in his primary years, by the time he was in his elementary years, he did not remember them.

Why we like it

Observing the images
  • The Land and Water Forms Wooden Cards introduce new land and water forms, not found in the primary level: canal, channel, tableland, plateau, fjord, spit, hill, Lagoon, Cliff, and promontory!
  • The description cards are kept short and engaging. The key terms are underlined to emphasize the name of the land or water form.
  • The labels and descriptions contain tabs that will serve as control for error. Each piece is unique, and therefore will only fit one card.
  • In conclusion, the Land and Water Forms Wooden Cards is a material that will reactivate children’s prior knowledge, and provide further learning opportunities. Please leave your comments or questions below!
Placing the description piece

I recommend you check out Water Land for primary level. This is a simple lovely book that shows basic forms in a fun way. Another amazing book is Geography from A-Z. This book contains such attractive illustrations, we gifted it to our favorite Montessori teacher. You will want to read it over and over again.

Disclosure: Alison’s Montessori has entrusted us with this innovative material, at no cost, with no condition. We have been using it for months before writing an honest review. I am happy to share and introduce materials I believe would make a child a happy learner.

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