Reading and Writing Program, Waseca Biomes

Language 3-9

Reading Program and workbook

For the Reading and/or Language Program, please follow this link for a $15 off through my referral code.

As a specialist in Adolescent Literacy and Ed. Tech, I can only appreciate Waseca Biomes reading and writing programs. It is systematic, consistent, comprehensive, and appealing.

That you are a parent or a teacher, you will appreciate how the programs are self-directed. Once you have followed the provided instructions, and prepared the environment, your learner will be able to work independently, and successfully on a daily basis.

Both my children strenghtened their writing and reading skills using these programs at school. As we homeschooled, we continued using them, and they are never approached with reluctance.

There will be lots of pictures because it’s 2 programs used together. Don’t let it intimidate you, it’s really simple to follow. I will try to describe our process as succinctly as possible.

Reading Program

My 7 year old decides what he wants to work with because he already knows how to read. What he needs is spelling, using words in context, reinforcing sight words, learning grammar rules, and practicing his penmanship in script and cursive.

Working on Yellow 3, TH phonogram

If you have a young learner, they will be able to practice writing and reading with just the Reading Program.

The Reading Program comes with 9 color-coded sets, which tackle different phonograms (symbols that represent sounds: th-, -ght, wr-, sh-…).

Description from

Because we are in a homeschool setting, we only have out the set of color we are working on. In this post, we are working on Yellow 3 drawer, TH phonogram.

Copying the vocabulary containing TH

Waseca made available a workbook for every color. Each workbook is to be used in conjunction with the materials. It has been such a great extension for us. It provides opportunities to use the vocabulary in context, to practice penmanship, and to read new vocabulary on a daily basis.

Workbook. Reading phonogram booklet

The workbook incorporates every aspect of the material (cards, booklets) and makes it sequential. That is one work I don’t have to re-model!

The way it works:

  • Choose a set (going in order, keep track with record keeping sheet).
  • Lay the pictures out, match the labels, read the words.
  • spell them with moveable letter if you learner.
  • Read the booklet as an extension
  • Write the words on the dotted worksheet provided for each set.
Phonogram booklet – Yellow 3 (th)

The way we do it:

  • Lay the pictures out, read the words in cursive on the back.
  • Complete the workbook, which will make you use the materials.
  • Use the Language Program to reinforce spelling from memory.
We choose to write in cursive or script in the workbook. The back of the card contain both.
Workbook. Puzzle words
Workbook. Cloze test

To know more about the Langage Program, which is different from the Reading Program, please continue reading below. Be aware that it is a different program from Waseca Biomes.

Language Work – Yellow 3 “TH” phonogram

For this Language Program, you need a notebook, a blue pencil, and a red pencil. The program provides “windowed” charts, and booklets to work on a sequence of phonograms.

Children enjoy these simple drawing so much

Step 1, write twice the phonogram in question using the windowed chart and the bookket. The learner must look at the picture in the booklet, read the word using the hint on the chart (th- + -in), and write the phonogram in the window with a red pencil.

Step 2 is for control for errors
Children copy the phonogram twice

Step 2, the learner turns the chart facing down, goes back to the first picture in the booklet, and try to rewrite the words from memory. Then, the chart can be used over the other column to serve as control. In our example, we wrote “there” instead of “that.” We can correct it.

I hope you were able to follow! It’s really not as complicated as I make it look like 😆

Below you can see pictures of the wonderful printables (record keeper and grammar rules).

Time for self-assessment, let’s flip the windowed chart
Language Work, Yellow 3 booklet
Record keeping chart for Language Work
Waseca provides color-coded grammar rules

Finally, I will let you know a few components that we appreciate. The cards in the Reading Program come with cursive writing on the back. Not only it gives longevity to the material, but it also is a great complement to the Cursive Board from Waseca.

Both programs come with tracking charts that can be used by adults and learners.

Both programs come with free printables to enhance the learning experience. I have always been impressed and appreciative of the rich variety of extensions offered by Waseca. They share as much visuals as possible for their potential customers.

The booklets for the Language Program come with laminated covers, and the windowed charts are durable as well.

Ready for a lesson? Please ask questions in comments if I missed something!


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