Mushroom Puzzle, Lisheen Montessori

  • Botany 3-9
Parts of a mushroom – Lisheen Montessori
  • Traditionally, in a primary classroom, you will find puzzles for parts of a flower, parts of a leaf, parts of a tree, parts of a root system, and parts of a seed. You may not see parts of a mushroom as it is not a plant.
Transposing the puzzle on the control map for learning
  • When learning about mushrooms out of curiosity and while studying the Fungus Kingdom, it was nice to have a hands-on material that could serve as a visual, spatial, and sensorial tool.
Observing mushroom closely
  • This high quality Mushroom puzzle is from Lisheen Montessori, a Montessori materials manufacturer and supplier located in Ireland. The parts covered by the puzzle are: cap, gills, stem, volva, and mycelium. It comes with a control map made of thick plastic.
Control map
  • Children as young as 2.5 can start working with this puzzle, ask my toddler. 🙂
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One reply to “Mushroom Puzzle, Lisheen Montessori

  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful puzzle. Although is not a “staple” puzzle, it is such an important living organism for children to study. It is a wonderful invitation to be able to investigate why fungi are not classified as plants even though there are some similarities.


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