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Geology, Geography 3-6, 6-12

I pinned the flags backward. Both my children are right-handed (I’m not!), and I asked how they preferred the flags to be. That’s what they chose.

Landforms and Water Forms is a favorite subject for children. They never seem bored to work on the topic. We wanted to try these awesome maps from Pin it! Maps and we are having a great experience with it.

Pin it! Maps is currently selling this material until the end of August. It may not be available for sale for another year, so if interested, visit their Website.

All pin flags

I particularly like this pinning map because of its 3D graphics, and its additional land and water forms that we don’t commonly see on typical materials (dune, oasis, etc…). The affordability of the map did not jeopardize the quality. The quality of the map exceeded my expectations. The children are drawn to this work instantly.

The map is light and portable. The work contains sophisticated terms and can grow with a child. As children get older, they still enjoy a pinning work. It’s the perfect way to keep their interest and knowledge sharp.

Yellow pin flags for Landforms


The Land Water Forms Map consists of:

  • A large polystyrene board with a glossy colored map to pin
  • A smaller control double-sided control chart with Landforms on one side, Water Forms on the other
  • Blue flags for Water Forms, and yellow flags for Landforms
  • A roll of clear tape with the appropriate size to put your flags together
  • Clear rods and silicone stoppers to keep the flags robust for pinning
  • instructions on how to put the pins and flags together
  • pins are not included, but easily purchased on Amazon
  • optional: you can download for free simple nomenclatures, classified nomenclatures, command cards, and definition cards (see picture below)

How it works

It’s very simple! You can prepare the children using the free resources above, or you can jump right into using the map and read some definitions together. I’d much rather let the child have fun choosing to pin what he or she likes first.

You may encourage the child to work with only the water forms or landform first as the control map will only show one or the other (slide circle tab below to see)

Slide tab left and right to see land/water forms

My children had prior knowledge and practice, so it was mostly pure pleasure for them to pin what they were familiar with, and discover a few new ones. This can lead to research easily!

Blue pin flags for Water Forms

More maps are coming up in September (Asia and South America!) with additional resources on endangered animals. Make sure to visit Pin It! Maps each month to see what’s available at the moment.

They provide everything, including tape. You supply the pins.

Disclosure: Pin it! Maps shares revenues by offering affiliate parternship. I subscribed after purchasing my map. It helps families like mine with a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Control Chart, pin chart with polystyrene, pin flags

Ready for a lesson? Don’t miss next month’s exclusive maps on South America and Asia. Please subscribe to receive a notification on my next post.

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