Sentence Analysis 6-9, Alison’s Montessori

Language Arts 6-9

Sentence Analysis 6-9 – Alison’s Montessori

This is it! Work that is accompanied by clear instructions, and supplemental materials so you don’t have to create them! Alison’s Montessori created Sentence Analysis 6-9, and Sentence Analysis 9-12 to help any educators introduce grammar to a group of children, imaginatively.

First Exploratory lesson using pictures

For this, the set comes with 8 steps on how to utilize the materials. The first suggested work uses 32 decently sized colorful pictures to spark children’s imagination. The children can then describe actions taking place in the pictures. This leads them to having a SUBJECT, A PREDICATE, and A (IN)DIRECT OBJECT. This way, the children are generating sentences on their own, which should come before they are given sentences. That is how they will best organize and integrate the new knowledge.

Teacher’s guide

Sentence Analysis 6-9 is presented here. It contains several parts:

  • 32 large colorful pictures
  • 3 sets of 18 cards per set (Reading Analysis, Logical Analysis, Prepared Sentences cards)
  • 39 pages of prepared sentences strips from simple to complex
  • Workbook A for the set on Reading Analysis
  • Workbook B for the set on Logical Analysis
  • 5 Sentence Construction with Pictures workbooks
  • Teacher’s guide
Sentence Analysis 6-9 – Alison’s Montessori

We already had experience with Sentence Analysis. We used the pictures to spark interest, and started reading sentences from the Sentence Analysis Cards. I reminded the children about the predicate, the subject, and the direct object using the wooden materials (purchased separately). We looked at the back of the arrows several times to be exposed to the questions (who?/what?), and the structure (subject). My newly upper elementary learner worked with more complex sentences, and revisited adverbial components (by Whom? What for?…) with the orange arrows.

Copied strips cut and placed on diagram
More complex sentences strips cut and placed on diagram
Sentences Analysis set of cards and wooden box

You can see samples for each workbook below. I made copies for the children, so that they can access them whenever they feel like it. It is not meant to be done unless the child wants to. I will continue to demonstrate more complex structures using adverbial and attributive extensions.

This method of teaching grammar structure is not meant to be taught with rules at all. The children learn the rules naturally by being exposed. It is a work that relies on intuition. I appreciate that Alison’s Montessori made this material accessible for all. I possess already two other sentences analysis supplemental works, and I never thouroughly use them. They were not appealing. I must insist because I know that if you have been struggling presenting this work, or have wished that the children would had independent follow-up on this learning, Sentence Analysis from Alison’s Montessori is worth contemplating. My 7 year old said to me it was one of his favorite lessons. I am sure it meant it felt good to understand and to feel successful 🙂

I hope I sparked in you an interest in teaching these mini-lessons with this effective material. Please look forward to a post on Sentence Analysis 9-12.

Disclosure: this experience was made possible thanks to Alison’s Montessori for having the confidence in their house-made products, and letting us try Sentence Analysis 6-9 at no cost, with no requirement on my part. I do write unbiased honest reviews, because I only write about products that work for us.

Logical Analysis cards progression

All the lessons can be found in Montessori Research and Development manuals (Language Arts Elementary I).

Find below additional pictures of this work.

Sentence Analysis Chart 2, with more components (purchased separately)
Sentences Analysis Strips master copy
Workbook A – To be used with Reading Analysis Cards
Workbook B – To be used with Logical Analysis cards
Top: workbooks copied, bottom: master copies

Ready for a lesson? Check out Sentence Analysis 9-12 for an advanced version of this work. Don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications of the next reviews!


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