Cat Anatomy Model, 4D Master Vision

Zoology 6-12

This is Mirabelle, named after a French fruit

When we learned about the human anatomy, we often put an emphasis on what internal and external characteristics make us similar or different from other living things.

This time, for comparing with other mammals like us, we chose to explore a 4D Master Cat Anatomy Model. Unlike its counterpart “Chicken Anatomy,” the cat is easy to assemble.

Mini lesson on felines/mammals

The organs are realistic and fit in their respective places. The cat stands well as a model. Cat lovers beware! Not all parts you see are removable, but it’s a good thing. Based on our previous experience with the chicken model, too many pieces turns out to be frustrating for a child.

Moveable parts

With this work, we learned about the function of each organ (again), and additional information such as cats having a third eyelid (you read that right).

Close up

This model has a lot of potential. I was mainly interested in having my learners observe the positioning of the organs on a tetrapod animal. Ranger Rick magazine happened to have an article about Bobcat making it a great connection with the work.

Clear side of the model
Guide provided with the cat model

As for extensions, I printed off the Internet a diagram of a cat, and made a workable chart with it. I added an extra work for my older learner (9) to practice writing the parts (buccal cavity, esophagus, trachea, etc…). You can also match labels to 3D organs.

I will make 3 part cards as well using the guide. An easy way to do this is by printing enlarged pages of the guide. Then, cover the key words (lungs, intestines…) and reprint this page with blanks. Then you can laminate and cut the cards. With time and patience, you can simple type your own cards. I just didn’t make it that far! Just give me time, quiet, and a coffee please ☕

Control Chart example
Self-made Workable Chart

For additional information on cats care and behavior, I highly recommend:

I hope this lesson will have inspired you. We love our models; they make us feel close to other living things. We grow a deeper understanding and respect for all living things.

One more thing, Ranger Rick informed us that 2 billions of birds are killed each year by cats in the United States. They advised we keep pet cats indoor!

Ranger Rick, Bobcat. June 2020
You can see I have organs like humans

Ready for a lesson?


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