Layers of the Sun 6-9, Alison’s Montessori

Comsic Education 6-9

Layers of the Sun 6-9, Alison’s Montessori

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During the past weeks, my first grader has been increasingly reading and writing about science using a combination of his science notebook, and Alison’s Montessori puzzles used with corresponding nomenclature cards. These puzzles have been by far the most engaging materials we’ve had. The children get into the routine of targeting a point of interest in the lesson, which leads them to working on different skills.

Puzzle and Control Chart

With the Stellar Nucleosynthesis lesson as a framework, we have been able to delve into the layers of the Sun at an elementary level. The puzzle of the layers of the Sun and the nomenclature cards provided us a means to explore the “elements” generators under a more complex angle. I demonstrated several versatile ways to utilize the materials for the children. My first grader was invited to read the nomenclature booklet, which is not extremely complex. Then we matched the labels on the puzzle as we went on.

Puzzle of the Layers of the Sun

Next, we deconstructed the puzzle, and identified the parts, then matched them with the labels again.

Deconstructing the sun, and labeling each part

Once we felt comfortable enough, we covered the puzzle with the control chart, and matched the labels to the pictures.

Nomenclature cards, identifying parts

Finally, my third grader read the cloze text cards, while my first grader matched the cards to the labeled pictures (see image below). I reminded the children about different ways to control errors. They could have used the booklet, but they preferred to lay the cards (text +label) below. It helped them compare the texts easily.

Using cloze text, and control of error

What parts are represented in the puzzle?

  • The sun
  • the inner layers
  • The corona
  • The core
  • The radiative zone
  • The convection zone
  • The subsurface flows
  • The photosphere
  • The chromosphere
  • Sunspots
  • Flares
  • Prominences
Matching pieces and cards

The puzzle is made of wood, with an edge for easy grip. The colors are resplendent and lustrous. The pieces are sharp, which is a desirable sensorial feature.

Puzzle, side angle

You can find the corresponding nomenclature cards in many forms (printed, laminated, or/and cut). The price will vary. Alison’s Montessori offers options that fit different budgets. The knowledge remains accessible for all children.

Large nomenclature cards

If you order the laminated precut nomenclature cards, they take 1 minute to pop out, and are ready for the shelf in no time. See picture below.

Layers of the Sun 6-9, nomenclature cards
Puzzle of Layers of the Sun, and booklet
Space, Britannica and DK used in parallel

Ready for a lesson?

Please check out my reviews which will be coming soon on the Layers of the Earth, and the Parts of a Mountain.


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  1. This is fantastic material, attrative for childre with the colours, informative, self satisfying. It will for sure ignite the spark to go beyond and learning more about the sun.


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