Insta-Learn Math Boards

2-Digit Subtraction

Mental math is always a great exercise to develop the mathematical mind. We have used the 2-digit subtraction strips, which are an extension work that can be used with the Insta-Learn Math Board. Children see this math skills reinforcement as a game! Let alone that the work is self-corrective, as with all the Insta-Learn materials. In the pictures below, my 9 year old has reviewed his substraction skills (Insta-Learn Math Board). For example, to calculate 65-42, I recommended my child to round up 42 to 45, which gives 3, then to skip count by 10, from 45 to 65, which gives 20. The difference is then 23. This mentally gymnastics is more engaging from learning who don’t have to work on worksheets and can get instant feedback.

Multiplication Math Facts

Another exercise, that is an excellent math reinforcement, is the Multiplication Math Facts Extension strips. The strips provide a series of quick math fact practice. The feedback is instant since the tiles won’t fit in the increments above the strips if the answer is incorrect. This is another highly appreciated activities that children will approach with no reflectance or grow tired of.

Time 🕜

Time telling skills are to be revisited more than once since children weren’t exposed to analog clocks as much as they would have before digital time. This Time extension offers a variety of practice: 2 clocks, 4 clocks, hours, minutes, past/half times…). Visual clocks are provided on the strips. Children use the numbered tiles to build the missing number. Exemple: 12:__. A child would select a 3 tile and a 0 tile to complete 12:30, which is represented by a visual clock.

There are much more math extensions to support a learner’s math experience who is in the foundational years. It is important to provide work that isn’t dull. I think the Insta-Learn Boards reminds children of toys and make them forget they are actually working ‘effortlessly’ hard! For more information on the Insta-Learn Boards and extensions, subscribe! I will be documenting more extensions as we use them.

Disclosure: I received these materials per my request at no cost with the sole purpose to inform my audience about their effectiveness which I witnessed in our Montessori school. I write unbiased honest reviews because I only write about effective products. Some links might be affiliate links which are no extra cost to you.


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