Multiplying Fractions, Alison’s Montessori

Math, 6-9, or 9-12

Multiplying Fractions – Alison’s Montessori

The Multiplying Fractions set from Alison’s Montessori is one of seven Fraction task cards sets. It attracted my attention as it offers visual aids on the back of each card. The equations on the cards progress from simple to not complex. This type of work is great at providing autodidactic work in a learning environment, and promoting self-confidence.


Fraction Cutout Boxes

How it works

  • Step 1– We selected the first card MF-1.
Task Cards with visual answer on the back
  • Step 2 – We used the fraction cutouts to concretely represent the equation.
Using concrete materials to work on fraction problems
  • Step 3 – We gathered the fraction cutouts in a circular manner to visualize the product. Do we get a whole? Do we have a proper or mixed fraction? We simplify the product to the lowest denominator.
Gathering pieces to see if it forms a proper/apparent/mixed fraction
  • Step 4 – We are ready to write down the product.
Check work using the back of the cards
  • Step 5 – We check out the answer on the back of the card.
Front / Back
  • Step 6 – After solving a few equations, we record our progress on our record keeping sheet.
Keeping record.

Extension – Instead of using cutouts, a child can be suggested to draw their own visuals to solve the equations using the stencils below.

Wooden Fraction Stencils

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