Periodic Table of the Elements charts, Montessori RD

This is our favorite periodic table of the elements, which comes with a mute chart. It is large, aesthetic (glossy), made with simple colors. It includes a few groups such as alkali metals, nonmetals, noble gases, transition metals…

Periodic Table with workable chart

Since the pieces are loose, it would be a good idea to get sticky magnets for children to connect pieces on the mute chart. If you have a young child around like me, it’s probably safer not to add those sticky magnets.

How we stored the charts on the wall

Since we are limited in space, I hung the charts on the wall, slightly behind the science shelf. I put the pieces on a Ziploc bag. The children found them conveniently available, and used them quite a few times in parallel with their other works on building atoms, and molecule models. They also enjoyed 5 sets of “Who am I?” cards from ETC Montessori, along with the work on Elements in Action from Big Picture Science.

Please leave suggestions in the comments, or share your favorite materials on elements.


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