States of Matter by In-Print

The materials from In-print have been great science starter kits for my youngest learner (6+), and refresher courses for my oldest one (9).

They come in quality sets of cards and charts, with a teacher guide included. The prerequisites are often provided, as well as ready-to-teach tools (information background, script for sparking the child’s interest).

The set “Matter and Energy” presented after the first Great Lesson. The following “workable” sets and controls of errors are included:

  • Matter and Energy
  • State of Matter
  • Changes in State of Matter
  • Energy
  • Energy we use
  • Heat Transfer

A handout explains what is considered renewable and nonrenewable energies, and provides examples of how energy is produced (hydro, solar, electric, wind, etc…).

Easy hands-on activities can be presented in parallel of these sets. The cards will allow the children to use their classification skills to form a mind map, and consolidate their knowledge.

What experiments have you used with your learners that fascinated them?


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