Mesozoic Era – Timeline from Nathan

In our exploration of the coming of life, we needed a variety of resources to integrate knowledge. I have been collecting resources for a while before teaching the second great lesson, especially the Mesozoic era.

We revisited the Clock of Eras (from ETC Montessori), then contrasted it with the “linear” timeline. Finally, I used a more specific timeline, focused on the Mesozoic era (from Nathan, a French edition).

In addition, I purchased Toob dinosaurs (Carnivorous, and Babies), and created labels to match. I used the 3-period lesson to help the children memorize a few dinosaurs.

Three-period lesson

To continue our exploration, I have been reading to the children stories “told” by the dinosaurs themselves. For example, the Diplodocus isn’t the longest dinosaur as we once thought.

Story cards showing dinosaurs scales (Nathan)

Other materials will be used to contribute to a deeper understanding of events and lives that have marked the Mesozoic era. I found that the Companion cards from Montessori Services were an excellent addition to our timeline. Fossilicious booklets on the Mesozoic periods are at children reading level. They enjoy reading these simple books on their own.

Research cards (Montessori Services)

We took a few breaks from learning about the amazing Mesozoic era by putting together a wooden 3D puzzle of a Stegosaurus !

We will leave a poster on classification of dinosaurs temporarily on the wall, until we explore something as “gigantausaurus” as dinosaurs.


2 replies to “Mesozoic Era – Timeline from Nathan

  1. Nice work! I was wondering where I could find the blue and green linear timeline poster seen in one of the images. It looks like it folds up and is maybe 15” by more than ten feet long. I’m pretty sure we had one of those when my kids were little and it may have gotten tossed upon moving.


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