Leaf Characteristics – By In-Print

Botany – Age 5+

In the primary classroom, children manipulate the leaves shapes cabinet as a sensorial exploration, but also to familiarize themselves with different characteristics found in nature. 

A wonderful material I have found to be useful in reinforcing this knowledge is this set of leaf cards. This is a simple work that can be modeled, then practiced by a child. The set consists of 4 platforms where the child applies cards, 40 cards with common leaves to identify, 9 cards with characteristics (types of leaf/vein/margin). 

This work needs a control of error.  One way you can make it is by sticking labels (Dymo) in the back of each card (a laborious work!).  (Ex: simple, pinnate, toothed). You can also handwrite them, or use abbreviations.

Ready for a lesson?


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